Our Beer

*Actual menu in our Taproom changes often. Come visit to try new and specialty beers*

Lager  |  4.7% ABV   |  20 IBU

Our flagship. Brewed in the traditional Helles style with Pilsner and Munich Malts, Tettenang and Hallertau hops. In German, “hell” means bright, which perfectly describes this clear, mild and sessionable beer.


New England Pale Lager (NEPAL)  |  4.7% ABV   |  27 IBU

This is what happens when we take our flagship helles, and dry-hop it with locally grown hops. The result is an harmonious union between the bright, juicy, citrus hop forward characters you might expect from an unfiltered New England IPA, but with that clean, cool, lager finish we desire.

German Red Ale  |  6.1% ABV  |   57 IBU

Based on a 15th Century recipe, German Red Ale (Rotbier) is malt-forward, kissed by Cascade hops. Featuring Vienna, Munich and Caramel malts. Bitter but balanced.

Schöps  |  5.8% ABV  |   40 IBU

Brewed with dark chocolate, Schöps is like no wheat beer you have ever had. A popular dunkelweiss in 19th century Eastern Europe, the style vanished after a devastating drought. We are proud to have a hand in reviving this complex, delicious recipe.

Baltic Porter  |  8.2% ABV  |   31 IBU

Hand-crafted and long nurtured to take the chill out of cold winter days, Dirigo Baltic Porter is a rich, bold lager with notes of dark chocolate, fruit and roasted coffee. A full-bodied brew with a surprisingly clean finish.